Different Types of Cleaning Cloths and their uses in housekeeping

There are different variety of cloths which are used in the housekeeping department for performing various cleaning activities like wet and dry cleaning by the housekeeping staff.
For efficient and correct usage of these cleaning cloths same should be colour-coded and also the staff need to be well trained on selecting and using different type of cloths for specific type of cleaning.
 Cleaning Swabs used in hotels housekeeping
These are all-purpose cloths made of soft, absorbent material. They are used for wet cleaning and damp dusting of all surfaces above floor level. They can be also used for cleaning sanitary fittings such as bathtubs and wash basins.

 Cleaning wipes used in hotels housekeeping
Wipes include loosely woven or knitted cotton cloths and non-woven cloths. Synthetic sponges may also be grouped under this category. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Sponges are better than cloths for washing walls, woodwork, glass and upholstery.

 Cleaning dusters yellow used in hotels housekeeping
These are meant for dusting and buffing. Soft, absorbent plain or checked cotton material or yellow flannelette of up to 15 sq. Cm is ideal for dusters. When used for damp dusting, they must be sprayed with a fine mist of water or dusting solution.

Cloth Mittens:
 Cloth Mitten used in hotels housekeeping
These Cloths may be impregnated and coated with a mineral oil. These dusters must be folded several times into a hand-sized pad before use so as to provide a number of clean surfaces and avoid spreading dirt again to a clean surface.

Floor cloths:
 Cleaning cloths used in hotels housekeeping
Floor cloths are bigger, thicker and made of coarser cotton material than all-purpose swabs. They are used to wipe WC pedestals, clean tile floors, clean marble or granite floors, remove spills from floors etc.

 Cleaning cloths lint free scrim used in hotels housekeeping
This is a loosely woven linen material resembling fine sackcloth. Scrim, because of its high absorbency and lint-free nature, is often used instead of chamois leather for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Glass cloths:
 Cleaning glass cloths
Glass cloths are made up of linen tow yarns and do not leave behind lint. They can therefore be used for wiping mirrors and drinking glasses. These must not be confused with fabrics made from glass fibres (glass cloth).

Chamois leather:
 Chamios leather
This is the skin of a chamois goat (antelope) and is used for cleaning windows and mirrors when dry and also for polishing silver and other metals.

Dust sheets:
 Dust Sheets
Dust sheets are made of any thin cotton material, being about the size of a single sheet. Discarded bed sheets or curtains from the linen room are ideal for use as dust sheets. They are used to cover floors, furniture or other articles during spring cleaning or decorating.

These are made of coarse, fine canvas or clear plastic and they may be of the size of carpet square and are placed on the floor on the doorway to prevent excessive dirt being brought in or out during bad weather or during redecorating projects. They are sometimes placed in the passage between the kitchen and dining area to catch spills and debris.

 Types of Rags
These are disposable cloths obtained from the sewing room and are used for applying polish or strong cleaning agents and are disposed of when it is dirty.

Hearth and bucket cloths:
 Fire place cloths used in hotels
These are made up of thick fabrics and used to protect the carpet and flooring when a fireplace is being cleaned or placed under buckets to prevent marks on the surface they are kept on. They also catch splashes of water.

Polish applicators:
 Polish applicators cloths used in hotels
These are usually oblong in shape for efficiency of application. The polishing head should slide out from the metal or plastic casing to enable easy replacement.
There are 3 types of polish applicators:
a) Natural lambswool, with a built in polish reservoir or tray.
b) Synthetic wool, with a built in polish reservoir or tray.
c) Solid-wax pressurized applicators.


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