Airport - General Layout

An airport is mainly divided into two areas −
  • Airside Area
  • Landside Area

Airside Area

It is the area beyond landside area inside the airport. It includes runways, taxiways, and ramps.
  • Runway − An area where aircraft takes off and lands. It is made of soft grass, asphalt, or concrete. It has white markings, which help the pilot during take-off and landing. It also has lamps on the sides to guide the pilot during night. The vehicles other than the aircrafts are strictly prohibited to enter this area of the airport.
  • Ramp − Also called Apron, this area is used for parking the aircrafts. It can be accessed for boarding and alighting the aircraft. The airline staff or ground duty staff can access this area.
  • Taxiway − It is a path on the airport that connects the ramp to the runway.
Airside Area

Landside Area

It is the area in the airport terminal and the area towards city. It has access to the city roads and it contains parking area as well as public transport area.
  • Terminal − It is a part of airport building that where travelers come to board their flight or arrive from a flight. There are security checking, baggage checking, amenities, and waiting areas at the terminal.
  • Car Parking − This area is outside but adjacent to the terminal where vehicles can be parked on chargeable basis.
Most of the airports around the world are owned by local, regional, or national government bodies. According to the Aircraft Rules, 1937, the airports other than government airports are permitted to be owned by Indian citizens, or Indian companies or corporations registered and having their principal place of business as India. In India, some airports are owned by the state governments, private companies, or even individual citizens.


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