Aviation Management - Airport

An airport is a large organized and maintained area of land where airlines operate and park their aircrafts. Airport facilitates the aircrafts to take-off and land. The airlines can work smoothly when airports provide ample parking place, Air Traffic Service, and other ancillary facilities.

Types of Airports

According to AAI, the airports are divided into the following types −
  • International Hubs − These airports have world class facilities. They include convenient connections for international and domestic passengers, ancillary facilities such as hotels, shopping areas, conferencing and entertainment facilities, and aircraft-maintenance bases. At present, there are International Hubs at Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Regional Hubs − They operate regional airlines using small aircrafts to provide airconnection in the interiors of the country. Regional hubs act as operational bases for regional airlines. They are capable of handling limited international traffic.
  • Individual Airports − Their status is reviewed at intervals of five years.

Airport Operations

Here is a list of some common operations that are carried out in an airport −
  • Airport Security Operations − They are related to handling all security-related activities. Airport police and security staff work to avoid any mishap at the airport.
  • Airport Maintenance Operations − They involve fixing or maintaining Airport infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. It involves renewing or repairing any part of the infrastructure, and repairing any automatic equipment used at the airport.
  • Airport Public Relations − These operations are about community affairs.
  • Commercial Handling and Development Operations − They are related to managing property licensing, leases, and other issues.
  • Aircraft Rescue Operations − They are aircraft/airport accidents related operations.
  • Fire Fighting Operations − They involve handling the accidents taken place due to fire.

Organizational Structure of an Airport

The following illustration shows a typical organizational structure of airports in general −
Airport Organization Structure


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