Aviation Management - Concerns in Aviation

Any public transport relies on planetary resources, which are finite. Aviation cannot assume a long term sustainability as it also relies on those finite resources such as fuel.
Latest technology is aiding today’s aircrafts to fly efficiently over long distances. The demand of air transport around the world is increasing because of the improvement in the lifestyle. In the bargain, the society and the nature needs to pay the price, accept some drawbacks such as noise, pollution, and use of resources.
The following environmental concerns are important when it comes to aviation −

Social Concerns of Aviation

Noise is the prime environmental challenge for aviation. Though it does not leave a permanent impact on the environment, people living near the airports are subjected to communication interference, insomnia, and deafness. The students show problems in learning acquisition and the patients in the nearby hospitals show have to face physiological impacts because of the noise.
It is observed that the aircraft flying at least 10,000ft high above the ground does not produce significant noise.

Environmental Concerns of Aviation

Aircraft engines operate by combusting fuel to a great extent. Due to the emission produced by fuel combustion, the quality of air around few kilometers of the airport gets affected significantly. It is about 3km up at the time of departure and 6km down at the time of landing the air quality is hampered. In addition, the baggage and food carts moving on the taxiway produce smoke if not maintained well.

Contribution of Aviation to Climate Change

Climate change is the alteration in average weather conditions that a given region undergoes. It involves consideration of various factors such as temperature, storm frequency, winds, and rains. Aircrafts emit greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). They also emit water vapor, which traps chemically active gases that change the natural greenhouse gases Ozone (O3) and Methane (CH4).


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