Case Study - Obstacles Faced by Waiter / Waitress

Obstacles Faced by Waiter / Waitress in Providing Services To Guests at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant Intercontinental Resort Bali

Jimbaran Garden Restaurant
To achieve good service quality, a lot of constraints faced by the waiter / waitress in providing service to guests at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant. These constraints are varied both in terms of service, operations or from employees themselves.
1. In terms of service
Waiter and waitress are always working to provide best services to guests. Moreover, visitors who come mostly long stay guest. Of course every day interacting and most of us already know the habits of the guest. Jimbaran Garden Restaurant is a restaurant open from 11:00 pm - 23.00 pm. Therefore Jimbaran Garden Restaurant is always crowded. At the time busy in providing service waiter / waitress sometimes seem random example in serving the guests there is a sequence for the presentation of food, but because of busy service (service) into a sequence not like playing a new first course appetizer. This situation will be assessed for those who already know enough about the ethics banquet.
Besides, if Jimbaran Garden in Crowded conditions (crowded) services provided to be not optimal. All the waiter / waitress busy with their respective activities. There have been a lunch without a reserved event of a company. At the same time there are long stay guests, being too busy with guests from the company's long stay guests into oblivion. Waiter / waitress thought long stay guests will realize the situation. They certainly will not complain and accept the services provided and consider it no problem but could have long stay guests are grumbling and dissatisfied.
To cope with the condition of Jimbaran Garden Restaurant in Crowded conditions (crowded) necessary coordination and cooperation of all employees. Food and Beverage Manager, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager or supervisor should set the minimum job description (duties and responsibilities) of every waiter / waitress. Supervisors oversee the job description carefully so that in serving the guests everything can be solved perfectly.

2. The View of Operations
In the operational constraints faced by working among other things, miss communication (misunderstanding) between the waiter / waitress with kitchen department. Errors can occur from the waiter / waitress that is less rigorous in writing orders or captain of misreading kitchen so they cook food that does not comply with the order. These errors occur because the restaurant is Crowded (busy).
To overcome these operational constraints necessary awareness and accuracy of all the staff (employees), both employees of the Food and Beverage Service or the kitchen department. For Food and Beverage staff must write a captain orders carefully. Writing must be clear so easily read by kitchen staff. Orders guest will be in accordance with the orders written in the captain thus reducing complaints (complaints) from the guest.

3. The View of Employees
Constraints in terms of employees in this regard is the attitude (Attitude). There are times when guests enjoy the food order waiter / waitress was his duty to serve has been completed so that their own chat, when guests need something then he had to call repeatedly. Guests will assess the waiter / waitress has attitude (attitude) is less professional in providing services.
To overcome the constraints in terms of employees' supervisors must be more assertive at least remind the waiter / waitress who has a bad attitude. When you lend a hand. This was done because a quality service begins with attitude waiter / waitress.
Waiter and waitress at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant Intercontinental Resort Bali is also trained to respond in accordance with the needs, wants and desires of guests. They are trained to handle such complaints properly. As much as possible complaint is handled solely by waiter / waitress is. However, if the complaint was he could not finish supervisorlah who will handle the complaint cases. By train waiter / waitress to handle their complaint cases will be familiar in dealing with problems.
Besides the things mentioned above, there are a few tips on dealing with complaints submitted by guests as follows:

a. Listen actively.
b. Be calm.
c. Sudutkan guest physically.
d. Give full attention / concentration.
e. Use a sympathetic expression.
f. After understanding the problem, determine the action and explain to the customer.
g. Thank you for the feedback given.
h. Act quickly and not delay. The delay will create increasingly dissatisfied customer.
i. Make sure your action plan is completely done.
j. Record the complaint in the Log Book.
From the analysis, the authors based on research at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant, this restaurant is the food and beverage outlets service department is open from 11:00 until 23:00 pm for serving guests lunch (lunch) and dinner (dinner). For lunch waiter / waitress uniform and semi-formal and formal uniforms for dinner.
Smooth operations supported by the ability of Jimbaran Garden Restaurant waiter / waitress in performing their duties. In theory, the task waiter / waitress is waiting for guests to serve and make guests feel at home in enjoying food and drinks. Waiter / waitress in charge of operations at Jimbaran Garden as well as a food checker, a food runner or even sometimes as a cashier and greeter. Performance waiter / waitress at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant has been well said, but need improvement in the control of SOP. According Ryhmberthus Amakora SOP is a basic implementation procedure used to maintain the quality and outcomes of work. So, if the working operational quality is not guided by the SOP is not necessarily justifiable. Because the product is sold not only food but also service (ministry).

C. The Performance Feedback Guest Waiter / waitress in Providing Services To Guests at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant Intercontinental Resort Bali
A waiter / waitress has to understand the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in serving the guests, so they can create their own satisfaction for the guests who come. And that services can be provided in an optimal and does not cause errors in the service process. Satisfaction will be created if the guest wants and needs are fulfilled beyond what is expected from the guest. In this case, food and beverage services will grow well if the product is presented or produced capable of providing satisfaction beyond what is expected by the guest. Not only that, but also a good service, facilities, and comfortable place will also provide satisfaction to the guests.
Every guest who came to the restaurant must have a distinct impression to the waiter or commonly called the waiter / waitress. In every hotel guest expects to have a good impression of the service waiter / waiterss. The service begins welcoming guests, making it their seat, providing food and drink to leave the restaurant. If guests feel satisfied as it gets good service will come back again another time to come to these restaurants.
To obtain objective data and information, can be done by asking guests to fill out the guest comments cards provided from the hotel. Given these guest comments guest comments will be known about the quality of service waiter / waitress and the satisfaction felt by the guests at Jimbaran Garden Restaurant. Guest comments cards are created as a benchmark in providing services to guests. It is expected that guests will feel satisfied with what is given by the waiter / waitress, if the comments guests have shown a good thing it will be maintained and enhanced in order to become better. But if it still shows something lacking in the eyes of guests it will be repaired. However customer satisfaction is the goal to be achieved.


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