Culinary Terms N

#Navarin: Mutton or lamb stewed with turnips.
#Noodles: A flour pasta in thin string-like tubes..
#Nougat: A sweet of a fairly rich kind made with almonds. sugar. nuts. cherries and honey.
#Napoleon – A small pastry consisting of three layers of puff pastry filled with crème pâtissière or sweetened whipped cream, and topped with glacé icing decorated with lines of melted chocolate.
#Nashi – A golden green pear the shape and size of an apple. The translucent flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet and the fruit may be eaten on its own or served with cheese. The nashi is also known as Asian pear, apple pear, and Chinese pear. It is in autumn and early winter.
#Nectarine – A round shiny, reddish skinned fruit with fragrant juicy flesh surrounding a large stone; it is a variety of peach. Nectarines can be eaten fresh, added to fruit salads, stewed or baked; they are in season in late summer.
#Nesselrode Pudding – A chilled custard dessert made from chestnut puree, egg yolk, cream and sometimes glacé (candied) fruit.
#Neufchâtel Cheese – A fresh unripened, soft, white cow’s milk cheese made from whole or partly skimmed milk. In taste and appearance it is similar to cream cheese, but is softer in texture, more moist and has a lower fat content. Neufchâtel can be eaten fresh with fruit or used for cheesecakes, mousses, icings, and cake toppings.
#Nougat – A chewy confectionery (candy) traditionally made of honey, sugar, egg white, and nuts.
#Nut – A hard-shelled seed, particularly one with an edible kernel. They are among the earliest of human foods. Nuts are at home in cakes, desserts, and confectionery (candy) as well as in curries and stir-fries; roasted nuts are a popular snack food.


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