Daily weekly Spring Cleaning

Daily weekly spring cleaning are the most important part of hotel housekeeping operation.


 1. Daily cleaning- The work of housekeeping department is to make the premises thoroughly clean each and every day. For this reason daily cleaning of the premises is very important. In the hotels all the outlets are to be cleaned before the operation starts. Apart from that the occupied rooms are to be serviced daily by the housekeeping staff. That’s why daily cleaning is compulsory to the areas which are regularly used by the public or guest in a hotel.
2. Weekly cleaning- In addition to daily cleaning routine, a room attendant normally had some cleaning chores that are time consuming nature. Such items may sometimes be beyond his physical capacity and need the assistance of houseman. These task would include
a) Polishing of brass ware and silver ware and other metals
b) Scrubbing of bathroom tiles
c) Scrubbing of window panes.
d) Scrubbing of balcony and terraces.

The following is the chart of 7 tasks which can be done on weekly basis


  • Sunday Cleaning of all the A.C. vent
  • Monday Polishing of all the metals
  • Tuesday Through cleaning of the elevators
  • Wednesday Through cleaning of the vacant room.
  • Thursday Cleaning of window glasses
  • Friday Cleaning and rearranging of store.
  • Saturday Cleaning of back area.
Spring cleaning- Apart from daily cleaning routine , which the staff has practiced for servicing of the rooms there are other cleaning duties that needed on less frequent basis ie- carpet shampooing,
laundering of curtains etc. These duties need to be done in the rooms as well as in the public areas . Even the dirty dozen areas are cleaned during spring cleaning. The entire process is known as spring cleaning. Normally hotel arranges this work during the slack period when there is hardly any guest in the hotel.


a) Wall washing
b) Through cleaning of window and window frames.
c) Machine scrubbing of the terrace and balcony.
d) Through cleaning of furniture inside and out
e) Lamp shade cleaning
f) Carpet shampooing
g) Wall and ceiling washing
h) Polishing of all the bathroom fittings
i) Scrubbing of floors
j) Top of the door edges and ceilings
k) Behind the W.C.
Daily weekly spring cleaning are supervised by housekeeping supervisor and a report should by prepared and maintained by the housekeeping department to check the progress.


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