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Housekeeping means up-keeping of the hotel. Up-keep means keeping a clean,comfortable and safe hotel. Housekeeping department in a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the property. This department is also responsible for every aspect of guest room that is to provide all the required guest supplies and materials according to the guest request during their stay in the hotel. At the same time, housekeeping maintains an ensure security for the rooms property and guest belongings.
                                Housekeeping department is responsible for the following:

  • Cleaning and up-keeping of the hotel rooms.
  • Cleaning  of public areas.
  • Laundering of guest linen.
  • Issuing and collection of linens from various outlets.
  • Cleaning of banquet halls and other food and beverage outlets.
  • Placing of various VIP amenities, etc. in the VIP guest rooms.
  • Co-ordination with the other departments of the hotel.
  • Maintenance of the gardens.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of swimming pool.
  • Implementation of pest control activities in all the areas of the hotel.
 To manage housekeeping department efficiently and effectively, the following points should be considered:
  • Design and decor of the guest bedroom, bathroom and floor pantries.
  • Design and layout of sections of housekeeping.
  • Selection of proper furnishings.
  • Provide required equipment, supplies and amenities.
  • Recruit skilled and semi-skilled manpower.
  • Conduct theory and practical training program, as well as on the job training.
  • Hire temporary staff for managing peak season.
  • Specify the performance standard.
  • Staff motivation and recognition.
  • Plan and organize the work efficiently.
  • Forecast budget

Food production in catering term simply refers to the food preparation and control. This is a sub department of food and beverage department in a large hotel comprises of various kitchens concerning mainly with the continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine. In the food production cycle, these kitchen receive the core or ready-made ingredients, processing them through the preparing and cooking methods, and deliver them via various service outlets to the customer table. This sub-department is designed providing the several section include preparation area, cooking area, storage area, cleaning area, etc. Hence, these section play a vital role in preparing dishes in order to the acquired recipes mentioned in different menus.
                    In culinary terminology, the term food preparation and control refer to make the ingredients ready for the preparation and cooking at the required quantity and quality simultaneously. This is a vital unit, which is structurally defined as the sub department of F&B department in the hotel industry. From the commercial view point, it contributes major revenue in any catering business.

                   It is one of the largest areas of food and beverage department comprising of various kitchens and their sections. The number of kitchens, manpower and work efficiency depends upon the size and type of the hotel and the types of meal and service to the catered. There may be continental, Oriented, Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc. Kitchens including ancillary sections, e.g. cold kitchen, butchery, still room, service areas, etc. However, this sub-department produces the food that adopts the system of preparation and control, from the receipts of food supply to service of prepared food to the customer.

Front Office Department is the first department noticed by the guest whenever they enter into the hotel. It is the department, which is responsible for the sale of the hotel rooms through systematic method of reservation followed by registration and assignment. It is the most visible segment of any hotel industry which is strategically located right at the entrance of the hotel building with in the high traffic lobby area. It is regarded as the nerve center of any hotel. It is attractively designed and sufficiently equipped to perform the necessary formalities related to arriving and departing guest. It is solely responsible for the sale of hotel accommodation through systematic method of reservation, followed by registration and assigning accommodation to guests.
                         Front desk personnel play crucial role in giving the first assurance to an arriving guest. The impression created here can very often influence the entire period of guest stay in the hotel. They are also the last to see a guest off in a happy frame of mind. This department not only deals with the above function, but also deals with guest relation, guest comfort and convenience.
Primary functions of Front Office Department:
  • Deal with room reservation request.
  • Prepare guest arrival and departure list.
  • Check-in arriving guests.
  • Receive guest and help them to complete registration formalities.
  • Help in marketing and sales promotion strategies.
  • Deal with various inquiries and information of in-house and outside activities.
  • Settle account of the departing guests.
  • deal with mail, messages and paging of guest.
  • Keep relevant guest records.
  • Deal with deposits for safe custody.
  • Produce daily reports and statistics.
  • Take action and be the center of coordination during emergencies.
  • Handle guest complaints.
  • Co-ordinate paging the guest.
  • Deal with accidents and unusual events.
  • Handle and control guest room keys.


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