Food and Beverage Terminology

Here in this article we will discuss various food and beverage terminology. We also have several articles on Culinary Terms .
AspicSavoury jelly
Assiette dePlate of
Au bleuMethod of cooking trout; when applied to meat it« means ‘very underdone’ – Food and Beverage Terminology –D123
Au fourBaked in the oven
Au naturelUncooked
BabaYeast sponge or bun
Bain-marieHot water bath or well
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D125
Bard (harder)To cover or wrap poultry, game or meat with a thin “slice of fat bacon so that it does not dry out during* roasting
Baron de boeufDouble sirloin
BarquetteA boat-shaped tartlet case, filled in a variety of ways
BechamelBasic white sauce
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D129
Beurre mani6Butter and flour kneaded together and used to
thicken soups and sauces
Beurre noisetteGolden brown butter
Bind (Her)To thicken soups or sauces with eggs, cream, etc, to_ mix chopped meat, vegetables, etc, with sauce
BisqueA fish soup, made with shellfish
Blanc* Water to which flour has been added, used to keep vegetables white, eg celery
BlanquetteA white stew
BleuSteak very underdone
BordelaiseRich brown sauce flavoured with red wine
BoucheeSmall puff paste patty; tiny savoury or hors d’oeuvrS tit-bit; Bouch6es may be filled in a variety of ways, 1 Bouchees a la reine
Bouillon, courtLiquor for cooking fish
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D126
BraiserTo brown meat, game and poultry thoroughly and
then finish cooking in a covered vessel with a little liquid or sauce. Vegetables are usually braised without browning in broth containing very little fat – Food and Beverage Terminology –D122
BriocheType of yeast roll
BrochetteOn a skewer
Bru noiseA name used to describe vegetables, ham, or chicken cut in tiny dice. It is also a garnish for a clear soup
Butter (beurrer)To coat or brush the inside of a mould or dish with butter
CarreBest end
CaviareRoe of female sturgeon
CelestineStrips of savoury pancake
ChateaubriandDouble fillet steak
ChaudfroidSauce for cold buffet work
ConcasseRough chopped (tomato)
CanapesSmall pieces of bread, plain, grilled, or fried,
garnished and served mainly as hors’d’oeuvre
CaramelBurnt sugar, commonly known as ‘Black Jack’
Caramelise (carameliser)To line a mould thinly with caramel sugar-, to coat fm with, or dip it in, crack sugar
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D156
CasseroleA fire-proof earthenware saucepan, casserole I oaf caloric nr \foaatahlec r.ut in fino ckm<4r
CaramelBurnt sugar, commonly known as ‘Black lack’
Caramelise (carameliser)To line a mould thinly with caramel sugar-, to coat fruit with, or dip it in, crack sugar
CasseroleA fire-proof earthenware saucepan, casserole
ChiffonnadeLeaf salads or vegetables cut in fine shreds and simmered in butter
ChoucrouteSee Sauerkraut – pickled cabbage
Clarify (clarifier)To clear aspic or bouillon by mixing it with egg white beaten with a little water or mixed with chopped meat, bringing it to the boil and letting it simmer; broth is clarified by simmering gently and skimming off the impurities as they rise to the top
Coat napperTo cover a dish or a sweet entirely with a sauce, a jelly or a cream. To mask, to dip
CocotteSmall round fire-proof dishes for cooking an egg, a ragout, etc, also used to describe a larger oval casserole for cooking chicken, etc
CroquettesMinced fowl, game, meat or fish, bound with sauce and shaped like a cork. They are usually egg and breadcrumbed and deep-fried
CroutonsFried bread, used as garnish. For soups they are cut, in small cubes, for other dishes in a variety of fancy*! shapes
DarneThick slice of a round fish, including the central bone
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D154
Du jourOf the day
DarioleA small beaker-shaped mould
Decant decanterTo let liquid stand and then pour it gently into another container, leaving the sediment behind
Demi-glaceA basic sauce of fairly thin consistency, frequently used to improve other sauces, soups and stews
and sometimes a highly seasoned spiced sauce
EscalopesThin slices of flattened veal or beef
EntreeA meat dish served with a sauce. Formerly regarded as an intermediate dish, it is nowadays frequently served as the main course
EntremetsSweet, dessert
Filet mignonFillet from the saddle of lamb
Fines herbesMixed herbs
FrappeChilled t
Flam beFlamed with spirit or liqueur
_ Foie de veauCalves’ liver
Foie grasLiver of a fattened goose
Flame (flamber)To pour brandy or liqueurs over a dish and set them alight
FricasseeA white stew in which the poultry or meat is cooked in the sauce
FumetEssence of fish or herbs, game or poultry
GateauSponge cake
GalantineA fine cold dish of poultry or meat, boned, stuffed, braised in concentrated stock and coated and garnished with aspic
GarnishAn ingredient which decorates, accompanies or completes a dish. Many dishes are identified by the name of their garnish
Gratin (au)A dish is described as ‘au gratin’ when the top has been sprinkled with grated cheese, possibly mixed with breadcrumbs, and a little butter and then browned under a grill or in a hot oven
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D354
HachisMinced meat
Hors-d’oeuvrePreliminary dishes intended to act as appetizers. Hors-d’oeuvre may be hot or cold and are served before the soup
JardiniereMatchstick shape cut of spring vegetables
Jus li£Thickened gravy
JulienneTerm used to describe vegetables cut in very fine strips. Used as a garnish in soups
Lard (larder, piquer)To draw strips of larding bacon through the middle of a piece of meat by means of a larding tube (larder); to lard the surface by means of a larding needle (piquer)
MacedoineMixture of diced vegetables

Mise en scene
Preparation beforehand

Getting the surroundings ready for service
Maitre d’hotel butterHerb butter containing parsley and lemon, served with grilled meat
MarinadeTo soak meat, game, etc, for a short while to improve flavour and make more tender
MarmiteAn earthenware pot in which soups and stews are cooked and served at table. The name is also given to
some dishes cooked in such a pot
PoussinSpring Chiken
PaupiettesSlices of meat rolled up with forcemeat
PaysanneVegetables cut in very thin slices; size of a lp piece
PilaffRice cooked with meat, poultry or fish, etc
ProfiterolesSmall balls of choux paste. Garnish for soup. Sweet of same name
QuenellesA kind of dumpling, made from various kinds of forcement and poached, made in different shapes, balls, ovals, etc
RagoutA rich, seasoned brown meat stew
ReduceTo add wine or other liquid to a roux or to pan residue; to boil down to a desired consistency
Royale (a La)A Garnish
– Food and Beverage Terminology –D953
SupremesThe best parts, eg supremes de volaille – chicken breasts and wings
TabascoA pungent Indian pepper sauce, also used extensively in countries with a hot climate
Vol-au-ventA round or oval case made of puff pastry


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