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Guest registration is nothing but recording the guest’s information for official purposes. At the time of reservation, the front office staff asks the guests to enter their personal information on the GRC.
Registration activity is mandatory for both; the guest with reserved accommodation as well as for the walk-in guest. During registration, the guest is required to enter important information on the GRC such as guest name, contact number, purpose of stay at the hotel, and passport and visa details in case of foreign guest. It is the responsibility of the front office staff not to reveal the guest information to unauthorized persons.
Let us learn more about registration.

Pre-registration Procedure

This procedure involves the prospective guests enquiring about the availability of desired type of accommodation. Registration can also be conducted in advance before arrival. It can be done via telephonic conversation in case of frequent guests, VIPs, or group guests.
In case of new walk-in guest, pre-registration is absent as there is no prior interaction between the guest and the hotel. Pre-registration activity accelerates the actual registration process where the desired accommodation is marked as reserved.

Verifying Guest's Identity

Since terror attacks on 9/11, the hotels are mandatorily verifying guests’ identities. The staff verifies guest’s identity first by politely asking the guest’s name. The staff member then requests to show a photo ID such as driving license or a valid identity card from a well-known organization where the guest is working. If the guests are from a foreign country, the staff requests them to show passport. The staff member is authorized to ask any verifying questions politely.
The true copies of the passport or ID card are made to verify the guest’s identity and to prepare guest database.

Registration Card Typical Format

Following is a typical format of a registration card −
Registration Card
Reservation Number:
Hotel Name:
Hotel Address:
Contact Number:
Guest Name:
Mobile Number:Landline Number:
Arrived from:
Passport Details:Visa Details:
Date of Issue:Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry:Date of Expiry:
Place of Issue:Place of Issue:
Visa Type:
Payment Option: Cash  Card  Cheque 
Card Type: Visa  Master  Other 
Card Details:
Card Number:
Date of Expiry:
Hotel Policies:

Guest SignatureFront Office Signature

Creating Registration Record

When the guests arrive at the hotel, the front desk staff hands over the GRC to the guest to fill up the information. In case of VIPs, the staff enters the information on the card and receives the guest’s signature.
The staff then creates a registration record of the guest, countersigns, attaches the true copies of the passport or other ID cards, and files this set in the guest history file. The guest reservation record is created as a registration record in the software system.

Establishing Payment Method

Guests can pay in advance or at the time of checking-out. Those who have paid in advance are put under Paid-In-Advance (PIA) list. There are various modes of payment out of which a mode that guest prefers is recorded at the time of registration. Following payment methods are available −
  • Cash Payment (which also include money order, travelers’ cheque).
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Payment (which are accepted only if the cards have not expired).
  • Cheque Payment (where post-dated cheques are not accepted).
  • Direct Billing.
  • Special Payment such as gift card and voucher.
  • The guests need to select one of the options of payment at the time of registration.

Assigning an Accommodation

The front office staff assigns an accommodation to the guest only when the registration is complete. The staff member records the accommodation number into the PMS and describes about its positive attributes briefly.
The reservations staff also informs the bell-boy to take the guest luggage.

Issuing Room Keys or Access Code

After the accommodation is assigned, the front office staff gives away the keys or the computerized secret code keys for accessing the accommodation.
It is a general practice to not to speak anything about the room number or the computerized key loudly while giving it to the guest. The bell attendant then assists the guest with luggage handling to the accommodation and explaining the accommodation features. The attendant then gives the keys to the guest, greets for best stay, and leaves the accommodation by closing the door.

Handling Special Requests

If the guest is not satisfied with the accommodation for any unsatisfactory or unpleasant reasons, the bell attendant can bring this to the notice of the front desk staff. In addition, if the guest has special requirements such as a cradle for a baby or hot water bag or a shaving kit and alike, the front office staff is obliged to fulfil the request on time.


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