Hotel Tariff and basis of charging rooms

Hotel Tariff:                 Tariff is the rate or charges offered to the guest by the hotel for the use of different facilities ans services, during their stay. Commonly, tariff is a charge of room rates and other facilities. Tariff is a charge of room rates and other facilities. Tariff or room charges may include meal or breakfast depending upon the plan as per the guest choices. Prices of hotel services are incorporated in a card known as the 'tariff card'.

                   Tariff card is the card containing the rates or price charged by a hotel for accommodation. Tariff card may include meals depending upon the types of plan the hotel offers to the guests. Prices of meals and other hotel services are also printed in the hotel tariff card.

Basis of charging room rates:
                               The sale of rooms contributes more than 50% of total revenue generated in the hotel. rooms are charged on the following basis:
1. The 24 hours basis:
                           In twenty-four hours basis the room is charged for the stay of 24 hours. If a guest arrives  at 9 am today, the room charges will cover until 9 an tomorrow. No concession will be given if the guest leaves few hours earlier. His/her hotel day begins at 9 am every subsequent day. There is not any fixed time for check-in and check-out.
2. The 12:00 noon:
                         A particular time of a day is fixed, mostly 12:00 noon as a check-in and check-out time for all the guests, hotel day begins at this time. This method is advantageous that a room can be sold twice in a same day. For example, Mr. A arrives at 12:00 noon and checks out early. After few hours, Mr. Y arrives and is provided the same room, he is also charged for whole day.
3. The Nightly basis:
                            Here, the charge is fixed, according to the nights spent in the hotel. If a guest stays from 10 am until 6 am the next day, the guest in charged for one night or a day.


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