How to Build Telephone Skills for telephone operators?

Regardless of whom you talk with over the telephone, it's essential that you make a positive impression.
Answering the telephone is an opportunity for telephone operators / front desk agents / hotel staffs to portray professional image as well as a positive image for the hotel.
During any telephone conversation, hotel staff should follow the below key points:
  • Smile even though you are on the telephone. When you smile, you automatically improve your vocal quality, and you will also sound pleasant and interested.
  • Sit or stand up straight. By sitting or standing up straight, you'll be more alert and pay better attention to what is being said.
  • Use a low voice pitch. A lower voice pitch will make you sound more mature and authoritative.
  • Match your speaking rate to the caller's. Let the caller set the tempo of the conversation. For Example, he or she may be in a hurry, In that case you should provide information more quickly.
  • Avoid extremes in volume. If you speak too loudly, you may sound rude or pushy. If you speak too softly, you may sound timid or uncertain.
  • Avoid expressions such as "uh-huh" and "yeah." Such expressions make the speaker sound dull, indifferent and uninterested.
Front office staff often take phone messages for other employees or guests. most front offices have a standard telephone message form.
If you answer the phone, its important that you listen carefully and take accurate written notes while speaking with the caller. When you take a telephone message, be sure to get the following information:
  • Date
  • Time of the call
  • Name of the person being called
  • Callers' full name
  • Callers' department ( if the call is internal)
  • Caller's company
  • Caller's time zone ( only if overseas call)
  • Caller's Telephone number ( and area code, if needed)
  • Message ( do not abbreviate- provide a full message)


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