How to Take Food Order in Restaurants / Coffee shops

Servers should offer the guests a beverage at all meal periods on the first approach to the table.
At breakfast, server offers orange juice, at lunch server offers bottled water and at dinner server offers wine.
At dinner, bottled water is offered to the table before leaving with the main course orders. 
All servers should be trained so that they are knowledgeable of and able to explain the entire menu and also are capable to make recommendations to guests.
1) After welcoming and seating the guests  return to the table to take the order. Ask the below questions.
Would you like to have the buffet or a la carte?

2) In case the guest opt for Buffet then inform guest to start serving themself from the buffet.
"Please start serving yourself from the buffet, when you’re ready."
3) In Case guest opts for A la carte then ask the host below question:
"Would you like to place your order now?"
If the guest is not ready to place the order.
  • "I’m sorry, Mr. Wilson (Try to use guest name at all times). I will come back for your order when you’re ready to order."
In case the guest calls you first to place the order, respond with:
  • Yes,  Mr. Wilson /  Certainly, Mr. Wilson. What would you like to start with?
4) Ask for more information from the guest.
  • What would you like to start with Mr. Wilson?
  • And to follow?
  • And for you, (Mrs. Wilson)?
Provide Options : 
  • Would you prefer  with cheese  or without cheese?
  • How would you like your (name of meat) cooked?
  • What kind of (bread / sauce) would you like?
5) Explain different portion sizes to the guests and assist with menu selection.
  • This set (lunch / dinner) is for a minimum of (2) people.
  • This Large Pizza is enough for (3) people.
6) Explaining dishes,  method of cooking and degree of flavor to the guests:
Methods of cooking:
  • Pan fried / Stir Fried / Deep Fried
  • Boiled  / smoked  / poached / Steamed 
  • "Pork Shoulder is braised with Apples and then served with Cheesy Grits."
  • "It's Marinated in Garlic, Lemon, Oregano and comes with Greek Salad."
Degree of flavour:
  • Quite (mild)  /  Extra (spicy)  /  Very (hot)
  • Rich / Creamy / Sweet / Thick / Sour
  • "It's a Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup"
  • "The Chicken Curry is extra spicy"
  • "It’s a kind of (fish soup)."
  • "It is stuffed chicken with spinach and feta"
7) Finding out what a guest likes and making suggestions and recommendations accordingly:
  • Would you care for something (light / spicy / mild)?
  • Would you prefer a snack or a meal ?
  • May I suggest our speciality of the day? Today we’re featuring (Roast lamb studded with rosemary & garlic). 
  • Our Chef’s speciality today is (Pomegranate Chicken).
7) Saying something positive about the food:
  • It's very popular / It's delicious / It's very tasty. 
  • I’m sure you will enjoy it.
  • "May I recommend the 'Chicken Hot and Sour Soup'? It's a (spicy sweet and sour soup with Chinese fungi and Chicken). It’s very tasty."
  • "Perhaps you'd like to try the Chicken Tikka. It's small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers in a clay oven and It's very popular."
8) Mention the food preparation time and finishing order-process.
  • It takes about (25) minutes to prepare this dish. 
  • Breakfast course is delivered within 10 minutes of ordering. 
  • Lunch course is delivered within 12 minutes of ordering.
  • Dinner main course is delivered within 20 minutes of ordering.
  • Finishing the order-taking process
  • May I repeat your order?
  • Is there anything else I can bring you?


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