Job Description for hotel Airport representative

REPORTS TO: Front Office Manager / Travel Desk Manager
Primarily responsible to ensure that all arrival guests with flight details are paged and assisted with luggage and transportation. Assists hotel guests during pick and transfer. Receive VIP guests at the airport on behalf of the hotel and provide required assistance.
Additionally act as the hotels ambassador at the airport and promote the hotel rooms, facilities and services according to the hotels operational standards.

  1. Handling guest arrival with pick up request, and arrange the transportation.
  2. Assist with guest luggage as and when required.
  3. Give all hotel facilities information to the guest and assists them in to the car.
  4. Inform reception manager, concierge or guest relation officers when VIP on their way to the hotel.
  5. Be present at all scheduled flight landings and assist incoming guests with baggage clearance and directing them to transport facilities.
  6. Stand by at the arrival terminal for every flight arrival.
  7. Write all the additional instruction for guests or information about guest arrival or departure in the logbook and should be transferred to the expected arrival list of each airport rep.
  8. If the pickup is not arranged by the hotel then, Guest should be shown only to the recommended taxi or limousine.
  9. Escort the guest to the official car rental and deals with authorized car rental staff.
  10. Any changes on arrival and departure flight must be reported to Front Office manager and chief concierge.
  11. If there is a problem while on duty without the supervisor, must be discussed and report to front office manager.
  12. Responsible for good service and maintain close relationship with all official sectors at the airport and most of all, maintain a spirit of team work among the hotel’s personnel. Submit names and arrival flight numbers to meeting service staff.
  13. Ensures the neat of appearance and grooming of airport representative officers.
  14. Anything that is related to operation as well as special cases of leaving must be noted down in the logbook, and also have to have the written approval of Hospitality Manager or Chief Concierge.
  15. Must follow the working schedule properly. Any changes to be reported and approved by front office manager, assistant front office manager and assistant managers.
  16. Maintain detailed knowledge of all facilities and services offered by the hotel.
  17. VIP and VVIP guests to be welcomed at the airport and ensure transportation is arranged.
  18. Maintain a good relationship with airline personnel, immigration and custom officers under the guidance of the Manager. 
Ability to read and write in English language, other languages are an advantage in this position. A graduate in related fields with vocational certificate, diploma and bachelor degrees. One or two years
Previous hotel-related experience desired, Experience in operating Computers.


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