Register & files in Hotel

1. Register for guest massage-This register keeps all the special massages of the entire guest. Massages could be request for 2nd service, laundry, guestroom cleaning etc.
2. Baby sitting register- The housekeeping normally provide baby sitter to the guest. Request for this service is filled up in this and appropriate service is giving.
3. Log book – it has the instructions given to the staffs of the next shift are write.
4. lost and found register- In housekeeping office records of all the lost and found are registered in register where the article name , description where found name are written in details.
5. Key control register- This is one of the most important at housekeeping control desk. It is the part of key security system to be followed by the housekeeping department. Each employee who has taken the key have to sign this before taking the key and also sign the register after the hand over of keys.
6. Memo book- This contains the records of all the pending maintenance work , which the housekeeping department initiated work order.
7. Maintenance registers-  is used for recording all the maintenance work required in a room and public area. According to that control desk sends the slips to the maintenance department.
files and register maintained in hotel industry


1. Room checklist file- All room checklist are deposited in the control desk and fill for the month. All these checklist are filled up in a file known as room checklist file.
2. Room occupancy report file- All room occupancy report are filled. The room occupancy report are important to the executive house-keeper, to determine the level of work load anticipated so as to provide, the necessary staff to meet the requirement each and every day.
3. Duty roaster file- The duty roaster file is filled for information if required by any one in the department.


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