Scanty Baggage Guest


The term Scanty Baggage refers to a guest with hand baggage. Such guests are a threat as they may check-out of the hotel without paying their bill. Most hotels have a policy of taking an advance as a safeguard against skipping out of the hotel. The bell desk maintains a strict control of such guests with definite policies to guide them. The procedure is:
  1. The bell boy informs the Bell Captain and front desk agent of a guest with scanty baggage.

  2. The Bell Captain stamps ‘Scanty Baggage’ on the Guest Arrival Errand Card and informs the lobby manager. The front desk agent is alerted with the stamp when he/she receives it.
  3. The front desk agent stamps ‘Scanty Baggage’ on the Registration Card.
  4. The front desk agent informs the lobby manager who has the following options for the guest:
  • To ask for the entire room charges in advance
  • To ask for a deposit that covers at least one night charge
  • To lower the house credit limit for bills in which the guest has to clear the bills periodically as he touches the limit.
This is normally done when guests check-in to the hotel for the first time. Regular guests known to the management may be excused from such policies. The Lobby Manager signs the registration card with his/her instructions.
  1. The Bell Captain fills the Scanty Baggage Register and gets it signed by the Lobby manager.
  2. Housekeeping and Security Departments are informed of the guest room number to keep a watch.
DateTimeGuest NameRoom NumberName of Bell BoyDescription of LuggageRemarksLobby Manager SignatureBell Captain Signature



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