SOP – Clear Bar Counter, Lounge and table during service

SOP Number: F&B - 08
Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR / Lounge
Date Issued: 09-March-2013
Time to Train: 45 Min
Table Clearing:
  • A table that is not properly cleared can easily create a bad impression. One should strive towards having as few items on the tables possible.
  • Wait to clear glasses and plates until more than one guest at a table is finished, so guests who are still eating or drinking do not feel rushed.
  • After all guests have finished their course, all plates, cutlery and side dishes related to the dish must be removed.
  • For removing equipment from the table, the same service rules apply as for serving the items.
  • If the item is served from the right, it must be removed the right. Of course, if the guest is not easily reachable from that side, one shall collect the items from the other side.
  • After the last course, but before the dessert, all plates, cutlery, condiments. Bread & butter are cleaned from the table and any crumbs are removed.
  • When a glass or bottle is empty (and there is no refill) they must be removed immediately.
  • All equipment brought to the kitchen will be sorted by the waiters. Glasses will be put in the appropriate racks, cutlery will be put in a soaking pan, food leftovers will be disposed of and plates will be stacked for washing.
Clearing Bar Tops and Lounge:
  • Remove glasses, napkins, food plates and silverware that are not being used.
  • Clear empty plates from the guest’s right with your right hand.
  • If a guest appears to be finished with an item, but the glass or plate is not empty, ask the guest if you may remove it.
  • Put used glass or plate is not empty; ask the guest if you may remove it.
  • Never stack dirty plates in front of guest, pick them up separately and stack them away from guest.
  • Pick up any popcorn or snacks on the floor.
Changing used Ashtray’s:
  • Turn a clean ashtray upside-down and place it over the dirty ashtray on the bar or table.
  • Pick both ashtray up and place the dirty on your tray or behind the bar, The “capping” method will prevent ashes from falling on guest, the bar top, or the table as you remove ashtray.
  • Place the clean ashtray back on the table or bar counter.
Training Summary questions:
Q1. Steps to be taken before serving dessert / last course to guest?        
Q2. What is a “capping” method?         
Q3. What is the rule of removing equipment from the table?
Q4. Is it required to ask the guest before clearing the plates ?
Q5. Steps for clearing used ashtrays from table?


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