Table service Tips for Restaurants and Coffee shops

1) While Serving the food to guest  mention the item clearly to the guest.

Here is your Pomegranate Chicken Mr. David
This is your Chicken Hot and Sour Soup , Mrs. Turner.
Here is the sauce to go with your Snapper Fish.

2) Always responding to guest requests promptly.

When the guest asks for something you can provide
Certainly, Mr. David. Right away.
When there is a delay to attend to the guest request
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. David. Here is your extra sauce.
Is there anything else I can bring you?
When you cannot provide something
I’m sorry,  Mr. David, we have just run out of French Fries, but I can bring you Potato wedges . Would that be suitable?
I’m very sorry, Mrs. Turner. We have sold all the special Veg. Burgers.
When you are not sure, if you can provide something:
Just a moment, please, Mr. David. I’ll find out for you.
I’m afraid I’m not sure, but I’ll ask right away.

3) Checking  guest satisfaction about the meal and dining experience.

During the meal              
How is your Pomegranate Chicken Mr. David?
Is everything to your satisfaction?
If the guest praises about the food or the restaurant.
Thank you very much, Mr. David.
I’m glad you liked the food.
I will pass on this complements to our chef.
Thank you. I am very happy to know that you like it here, Mr. David.
If the guest praises about your service.
Thank you, Mr. David
It's my pleasure.
After the meal
How was your meal,  Mr. David?
Did you enjoy your meal?
I do hope that everything was satisfactory.
Clearing the table
All glasses, dishes and flatware are cleared as courses are finished by all guests. Empty glassware should be removed before new beverage is served. Ashtrays are changed prior to each course and additionally as required.
Is this finished, Mr. David? (Elegantly point to the glass, bottle or dish.)
May I clear your (plates / glasses / dessert spoon)?


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