Telephone Technique & Etiquette,Telephone operator maintains different types of register, Telephone System

Telephone Techniques and Etiquette:
                                Telephone operator spends a great deal of its time with all the calls, communicating with people both inside and outside the hotel. The telephone stripes you of the advantages of using facial expression, gestures and eye contact instead of relying on your personal appearance, you must rely on your voice to convey as well as apparent messages. Your inflection and enthusiasm set the tone for conversation. although some people have better speaking voices than others. Verbal communication is an art that can be learnt with practice.
                       The following guidelines can be help front office personnel and telephone operator to develop an efficient courteous telephone manners:
  1. Always be prepared.
  2. Answer promptly.
  3. Use proper identification.
  4. Speak directly into the telephone.
  5. Relax and be yourself.
  6. Ask questions if you have missed something.
  7. Always listen carefully.
  8. take notes if necessary.
  9. Use reflective phrases and polite words.
  10. Keep call hold's to a minimum.
  11. Always end the call courteously.
Telephone operator maintains different types of register
a) Log book:
                 It is maintained to enter the important events and happenings to the hotel such as VIPs arrival, change in the telephone rate, any special events, etc. This book should be updated on daily basis.
b) Complain register:
                 It is maintained to write down the complain from the guest and other department regarding the telephone calls. Necessary action should be taken as soon as possible.
c) Handling over register:
                  This is the most important register as all the details of pending jobs such as pending calls, maintenance or any other relivent information are recorded. The operators who receives such information must also take up the responsibility for the pending works which are being handed over.
d) Trunk call book:
                   It is a separate book maintained for the guest and hotel staff. This book is supported by bills, voucher and receives of the trunk calls made by the guest or hotel staffs.
e) Wake-up-call register:
                    This register is to record all the details of wake-up calls requested by the guest staying in the hotel.

Telephone System
Private Branch Exchange (PBX):
                            Manually operated telephone system comprises of single line with few extensions. This system is adapted in medium organisations. PBX are found in different capacities. For example: PBX of 4+25, means the system having 4 main lines with 25 extensions. Making outgoing calls in this system are operator assisted.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX):
                            This system is often used in large scale organizations where there are hundreds of outgoing and incoming calls every hour. This system provides individual meters for extension. A person can make outgoing calls directly from his/her extensions, except some international calls.

Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX):
                            This is new and developed form of   telephone branch exchange system, which has reduced the size of the telephone consoles. This is the electronic form of private automatic branch exchange (PABX) system where the charges are made by computerized system. Hence, removing the need for individual meters.


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