Tips for Buffet Service in Restaurant / Coffee Shops

1) Assisting  a guest at the breakfast buffet
  • Would you like some Orange juice?
  • Which  fruit juice / fresh fruit would you like? This is Kiwi fruit and Sweet lime juice.
  • This is Assorted Pan cakes with Vermont Maple syrup.
  • This is baked apples.

2) Handling  Questions about the breakfast buffet
  • Is the Pineapple  juice fresh?
Yes, it is. 
  • Do you have any green tea? 
Yes, we do, Mr. David. May I bring you a cup? Right away.
  • What teas have you got? 
We have Darjeeling Tea, Lemon Tea, Masala tea, Jasmine Tea  Which tea would you like? 
If the special tea in not included in the buffet price  (I'm afraid this would not be included in the breakfast buffet price. Is that all right?)
  • Have you got any (Indian / Ceylon) tea?
Yes, we have. We have Darjeeling tea from India. Would you like some?   Right away,  Madam.
  • Do you have any Bornvita?
No, I'm afraid we don't. We only have (cold / hot chocolate). Would you like some?  
Yes, we do. Would you like some?  
  • Have you got any assorted Quiche ?
Yes, we do. Shall I bring you some?  
Right away Mr. Jellner. 
No, I'm afraid we don't. We only have any quiche
  • What's this?
I'm afraid I don't know what it's called in English. I'll find out for you. Just one moment, please?
  • I'd like some Coffee With Milk, please. Certainly. I'll bring some right away. 
  • What's in the sausages? (Pork / beef / veal / chicken.)
  • Is the milk fresh? Yes, it is.
  • Where does the fruit come from?  It's imported from  Thailand.
  • I'm afraid I don't know. I’ll find out for you. Just one moment, please.
3) If  a guest ask for more of a particular food on the buffet
Situation 1: There is more
Certainly. I'll bring some more right away. 
Here you are,  Madam. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
Situation 2: There is no more
I'm very sorry. There's no more Fresh Baked Muffins left.
Would you like something else instead? some Croissants / English Muffins instead?


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