Tips for recruiting successful hotel sales staff

Effective sales people are the keys factors for the success of hotels sales efforts, it is very important to select the right people for the sales job. One of the major issues which hospitality industry faces is the high staff turnover rate. So it is better to hire the best sales persons and retrain them over a short period to reduce the business lost during hiring and training period.
Every attempt to be made to retain sales staffs who is performing very. Because finding a good replacement can take up to a month’s time and another two to three months to get trained and then generate at least 60% of revenue comparing to what was generated by the previous staff. As a result of this the hotel can lose a significant amount of revenue.
To build an effective and successful sales team for their hotel, The Director of sales should look for below characteristics when recruiting:

1) Good communication skills:
Successful sales staff should always have good verbal and written communication skills. This will help them to give a clear presentation about the hotel service to the customer, build a quick rapport with the client.
2) Professionalism:
Sales personal should present a professional image to become successful in his job. He / She should be always well dress and also well groomed. Sales staff should have key qualities like teamwork, self motivation, reliability, enthusiasm and also intelligent.
3) Good analytic skills:
Sales personal should be able to do a SWAT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis about their property and convert their findings to attract / benefit potential customers. He / She should be also proactive and utilise all the opportunity to sell additional products and services to meet guest needs.
4) Persistence and efficiency:
Good sales personal should be an expert at managing their work schedule and time. They also will waste little time on unproductive or cold accounts. He / She will use a systematic and stead approach on selling. And also do regular follow up with their prospect customers and try to convert them to business.
5) Empathy and respect for others:
Good sales personals should be able to empathise with customers, And understand the need of the prospect customers. At the same time they should also appreciate the work of their colleagues and respect them.
6) Self Motivation:
Sales staff should always have a positive attitude, are goal oriented, well organised and confident. They are open-minded persons and search for elements of their life that enable them to increase self motivation and incentive on a daily basis. Eg: Reading motivational quotes or books etc.
7) Curiosity:
This is another import quality which sales personal should always have. They should be always curious on the happening on the market or any organization which can in turn bring in business to their hotel.
8) Know How to use sales tools and reporting skills:
He / She should be able to operate the sales planning software’s, hotel property management systems used at the hotel. Also generate reports  on required sales dimensions on time to time basis. Eg: Prepare the daily sales report after updating the outcome of their meeting with the client etc.


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