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Though education in general has several noble goals and objectives, the prime motive behind academic pursuits in most cases is securing a dignified job. This indeed is the main reason for the big rush for admission to professional courses of study. However, many of those who graduate in professional course often do not live up to the expectations of the employers looking for the fresh recruitment, not because of technical incompetence, but for lack of essential soft skills. This aspect of skills has gained unprecedented importance in recent times, in the backdrops of the emergence of global job environment. We should realize that these are days of vanishing international boundaries. Globalization is not a phenomenon confined to India, but envelops practically all the countries in the world. The trends in the job-market in our country cannot be seen in isolation, ignoring what happens on other parts of globe. Of course, there are regional variations depending on local factors.
There is a recent trend of discussion on higher education pivots mostly on professional programs thanks to the intimate relation between the educational qualification and job hunt.

In India in particular the programs focus on engineer and technology, consequent on the proliferation of engineering colleges in recent times. Further the advantage of securing a respectable and versatile qualification through four years of under graduate studies in engineering, paints an altogether different picture in contrast with pursuits in the medical profession, where a mere a graduation would not take you to higher echelons in career. One will have to go for post graduate and even higher specialty programs in medicine or surgery for professional excellence.

The employability of those trained in humanities, science, or commerce also depends not only on their scores in the examination, but their soft skills and other behavioral attributes. Any graduate who aims at fully utilizing the available opportunity should study in details the attribute that the employers look for, and develop appropriate skills in tune with the demands in the job market. In other words, job-seekers should focus on the steps for enhancing their employability.


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