Types of Glassware used in Bar's and restaurants

The type of glassware in which a drink is server greatly effects its presentation. Some hotels have begun to use the same style of glassware for several beverages. This can reduce the the number of kinds of glassware that they must maintain inventory. 

Full Service Hotels normally avoid mass produced glassware which is generally thick and many have imperfections even though it is not that expensive when compared to fine, expensive products.
But hotel chains which consider value for money as an important criteria accepts such glassware. Additionally management should consider function as well as form when purchasing glassware for their f&B operations.
! Tips while selecting glassware:
  • Glass with Rolled edged and rims reduce problems like chipping and cracking.
  • Glass-wares with thick glass and certain shapes can also reduce breakage.
  • Stemmed glasses is very likely to breakage, so while selecting stemmed glass choose designs which are harder to tip over.

Types of Glassware used in bars

 Collins or Highball Glass used in BAR
Collins / Highball
8oz. – 16oz  ( 230 ml - 473 ml)
Used for serving juices, aerated drinks, Gin and tonic etc.
  Rock Glass or Tumbler used in Bar's and restaurants
Rock Glass or Tumbler
6oz. - 10oz. (177ml - 295ml)
Used for serving drinks 'On the Rock's'.
Whisky / Shooter
1oz. – 2oz. (29ml - 59ml)
Used for single measures of liquor and ‘shooters’.
Beer Schooner used in Bar
Beer Schooner
12oz. – 14oz. (354ml - 414ml)
Used for Pilsner, and bottled beers.
Beer mug used in Hotel coffee shop and lobby lounge
Beer Mug
12oz. – 14oz. (354ml - 414ml)
Used for ½ measure of draft beer.
Beer / Pint
1 Pint (473ml)
Used for serving Draft Beer
Sample picture of wine glass used in hotels BAR
Red Wine / Bordeaux
8oz. – 14oz. (236ml - 414ml)
Used for serving Red Wine.
Sample picture of wine serving glass in bar
Wine / All Purpose
8oz. – 14oz. (236ml - 414ml)
Used for serving red wine & white wine
Champagne Tulip picture
Champagne Tulip / Champagne Flute
6oz. – 8oz. (177ml - 230ml)
Used for serving Sours, Champagne and Champagne Cocktails.
Brandy Snifter glass sample
Brandy Snifter
8oz. – 14oz. (236ml - 414ml)
Used for serving Brandy and some cocktails.

Sherry or port wine serving glass
Sherry / Port
4oz. – 6oz. (118ml - 177ml)
Used for serving sherry or port wine.
Liqueur or cordial glass sample for serving in restobar
Liqueur / Cordial
1oz. – 3oz. (29ml - 88ml)
Used for serving liqueurs and layered shooters.
Cocktails or Martini sample glass
Cocktail / Martini
4oz. – 8oz. (118ml - 236ml)
Used for serving different varity of  Cocktails
Margarita glass or coupette glass photo
Coupette / Margarita
6oz. – 10oz. (177ml - 295ml)
Used for serving Frozen cocktails such as Margaritas, or daiquiris.
Hurricane glass sample picture used in F&B BAR Hotels
10oz. – 16oz. (295ml - 473ml)
Used for ‘Long’ Drinks such as Long Island Iced Tea, Zombie, and the Hurricane. 


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