Types of Housekeeping Service


The entire housekeeping department runs 24 hours a day. The department never shut down at all. Various types of housekeeping service are given to hotel and guest room in the various shifts. The shifts are divided into mainly three categories like morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift. The morning and evening service rendered by the housekeeping varies from shift to shift. This has been briefly discussed below as morning and evening service.
1. Morning housekeeping service- Morning shift is the busiest hours in house- keeping department. All the public areas outlets, back-office outlet are to be cleaned before the operation started. Even in the guest floor the occupied guest rooms are to be cleaned, and the departure rooms are to be ready for resale to other guests.
2. EVENING housekeeping Service- Basically at evening the pressure of work in the housekeeping department is comparatively less than the morning shift. In the evening basically turn down service is given to guest rooms. A thorough check of various f/b outlets have been done before its open for the evening operation. During turn down service the night bed has been made, for the guest. Some goodnight chocolate are been placed on the guest bed.
Manpower allocation or manning to different hotel areas are prepared and maintained for morning and evening housekeeping service by concerned area housekeeping supervisor.
morning and evening services


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