Upselling for Hotel

Upselling is the process of persuading the guest to opt for a. superior room with a higher room rate. This is a skill essential for all front desk staff. It is recognised that front desk personnel are salespersons and must find opportunities to increase room revenue by upselling. Upselling is very important not only for front desk staffs but for other three major hotel operation departments also. This skill requires the following qualities:
  • Understanding the room product and its features thoroughly.hotel upselling 1
  • Knowing the room revenue targets for the day, week, and month.
  • Assessing the guest’s capacity and willingness to pay a higher rate.
  • Establishing the guest needs by encouraging a discussion.
  • Listen to guest Feedback.
  • Explaining the features and benefits of a superior room to the guest in a manner that motivates him to buy.
  • The features and benefits that could be used to upsell are:
  • Room view (especially in hotels where the view outside is one of the strong points of the hotel)
  • Noiseless rooms (especially with clients who have come on business trips or to do some important writing work in the privacy of their rooms)
  • Privacy
  • Larger-sized beds
  • Mini-bars
  • Safety lockers in the room
  • Access to in-house video library
  • Butler service
  • Free use of some hotel services like the business centre, gymnasium, internet cafe, etc.
  • Closing the sale politely. After the presentation of a superior room that would perfectly suit the guest’s needs, the receptionist must close the sale by asking the guest, “May I assign this superior room to you, Sir?” The guest will be obliged to answer. Most of the time guests agree to the purchase.
  • Congratulating the guest on the excellent choice and reaffirm that he/she would have a better stay.
  • Following up with the guest after a day, whether the room was upto his expectations.


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