Visitors Tabular Ledger, its importance & Posting procedure of V.T.L

Visitor Tabular Ledger(V.T.L) 
                                   V.T.L is one of the important ledger maintained by front office cashier in order to keep the record of all the transaction of the guest during his/her stay in the hotel. V.T.L is generally made for each guest who check-in to the hotel and use the hotel facilities. This sheet is prepared daily basis by front office cashier. After the completion of billing procedure, each day transaction is carried out by a night auditors. The account of guest is calculated and carried down in a new ledger for the next date which is usually close when the guest checkout from the hotel.

Importance and purpose of V.T.L :
  • It shows the total sales of each outlet in a hotel.
  • It shows the over all sales of hotel in a particular day.
  • It shows the types of service used by the guest.
  • It shows the cash deposit made by the guest and also the credit balance.
  • It shows the cash paid by the guest during their stay and also the discount offered to them.
  • It shows the total balance of the guest transferred  to a city ledger.
  • It shows the total transaction of a particular guest in a particular day.
Posting procedure of V.T.L :-
  1. Always use capital or block letter and use ink or ball pen for writing the name of the guest.
  2. Details about the guest information should be written legible after the registration of the guest such as pax, plan , tariff, etc.
  3. Use dashes where there is no transaction or figure.
  4. All the transactions should be entered as per the bills or voucher sent by the outlets.
  5. Enter total amount in the respective debit and credit column.
  6. Guest charges for different service are written in the respective columns as per the heading.
  7. Cash advance or deposit made by the guest is written in the guest account under cash deposit column.
  8.  Guest amount or charges are written under the column "city ledger", if the guest do not settle bills during check-out. Generally these types of guests are from company or travel agency.
  9. If the guests amount is paid by other party or guest, the amount is written under transfer column, which includes debit and credit.
  10. Calculate the sub-total from all the charges under individual after adding the tax and vat.
  11. Grand total is carried out after adding or reducing from balance brought forward in the daily total.
  12. In allowance column, amount are written for those guest who are provided amount from the hotel.
  13. Last balance column in the V.T.L under the column balance b/d or c/d and respective debit and credit column.


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