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Water is a transparent liquid which forms the worlds streams, lakes, oceans & rain, and it is a major constituent of the fluids of organisms. Pure water has no smell, taste or color.


  1. CARBONATED WATER / SPARKLING WATER / SODA WATER: Also known as sparkling / Soda. Ordinary waters to which CO2 gas has been injected with, under pressure.
  1. CLUB SODA: Ordinary waters that has been filtered and then has been artificially carbonated and in most cases is salt free.
  1. SELTZER: Ordinary waters that has been filtered and then has been artificially carbonated and in most cases is salt free.
  1. DISTILLED WATER: A process by which minerals are removed from ordinary waters by distillation
  1. DRINKING WATER: It is bottled waters that comes from a government approved source is then filtered or treated in some manner before bottling. This can come from a tap, a well and so on. It can also be blended with waters from other sources.
  1. MINERAL WATERS: There are naturally still or sparkling waters that come from the earth. This must have at least (500 ml gms) of minerals per litre. Some of the minerals that might be found in the waters are aluminium, ammonia, bicarbonate, phosphorous, potassium, fluoride, iodine, iron, etc.
AppollinarisNaturally sparklingGermany
PERRIERNaturally sparkling or in fruit flavoursFrance
ROYAL FARRISNaturally sparklingNorway
SPAStill, naturally sparkling or in fruit flavoursBelgium
SPA MONOPOLEStill or sparklingBelgium
VICHY CELESTINESNaturally sparklingFrance
VITTELNaturally sparklingFrance
  1. SPRING WATER: This is a term used to indicate waters from a deep underground source that flows naturally to the surface. If it remains unprocessed or unchanged, the term natural may be added and the product may be called as natural spring waters.
ASHBOUREStill or sparklingEngland
BADOITSlightly sparklingFrance ,
BUXTONStill or carbonatedEngland
EVIAN SStillFrance
HIGHLAND SPRINGStill or carbonatedScotland
MALVERNStill or carbonatedEngland


Mineral and Spring waters are best served chilled. It is strongly recommended, you do not use ice, as the cubes are usually made from tap waters which can alter the fine light taste of bottled waters. Normally 10-12 ounces of wateris  served per person.


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