Work Schedule | Duty Roaster

A work schedule is a document that list the actual task to be carried out by an employee in an particular shift & the time frame in which to undertake each task.
The Work Schedule documents include the following
  1. Position of the employee
  2. The area of operation
  3. The time at which the employee has to perform the allotted task.
  4. Timings of meals breaks & other special jobs
  5. Time for tiding equipment & closing up.
Work schedule should be written in simple language & have a concise form. The schedules should be handed over to employees when they report for work. A sample of work schedule house person is given below
TIME                             ACTIVITY
07.OO Am                     Reports to work
07.10 Am                      Clean glass door
Dry mop floor at the entrance
Damp mop the entrance with steps
Sweep porch area
09.30 Am                      Vacuum clean the carpets
10.00 Am                      Breakfast
10.15 Am                      Dry mop the floor
01.30 Pm                       Break for the lunch
02.15 Pm                       Damp dusting lounge area
Clean the house -telephone
04.00 Pm                       off for the day
Inspection of work in house-keeping department
The most important work of house- keeping department is to keep the entire premises clean, spic & span. After the work has been done by the house-keeping staff it is the duty of the house- keeping supervisor to check & inspect all the work which has been done thoroughly or not. Weather the require standard of work has been maintained or not. The supervisors are carrying check list with them where they are going to write the entire report of house-keeping work. Inspection of every work in the house- keeping department is very vital work.


Well Planned Duty Rosters is very important Key to employee satisfaction. Every department in Hotel maintains a work shift or duty roaster chart that shows the typical workload for employees in that particular department. Employees work shifts may vary from hotel to hotel and gets changed at per various occupancy and peak business days. Duty roaster also ensures that the staff gets sufficient time to note their working schedule for the following week / month.
Generally hotels plan their work shifts for various departments as 5 sections:
1> Morning     : 7am to 3pm
2> Evening     : 3pm to 11pm
3> Night     : 11pm to 7am
4> General     : 9am to 6pm
5> Break Shift    : 7am to 12pm and 6pm to 11pm
Duty Roster for departments is usually prepared by the supervisors and then gets authorized by the Head Of the departments or Managers. Once approved Duty rosters are then placed on the notice board on each department. Individual departments also send a copy of the duty roaster to the HR department to inform the ongoing staff schedule of the departments. Employees are not allowed to make any changes on the duty rosters, if required then the same has to be approved again by the HOD or Manager. Duty roaster can be maintained as weekly or monthly basis mentioning off days of the employees.


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