Behavioral Questions

It is estimated that 80% of the interview is made up of behavioral questions. This type of interviewing is based on the philosophy that a detailed analysis of the way you acted in certain circumstances in your previous job will give a reliable indication of the way you will act in your new job too.
Behavioral questions will be experience-based and you need a lot of practice to be able to answer them in a satisfactory manner.

STAR Technique

To answer Behavioral Questions, employ the STAR technique −
  • S = Situation − (recall an incident in your life that suits the situation)
  • T = Task − (recall an incident in your life that suits the task)
  • A = Action − (mention the course of action you opted to address the situation or task)
  • R = Result − (mention the result of your action and the outcome)
Remember that these are only sample interview answers meant to give a general idea on the approach to Behavioral Interviews. You need to formulate your own answers to suit the context and scenario asked in the question.

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions


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