F & B Services - Cleaning & Maintenance

When the food is ready to arrive in the pantry, used utensils for food preparation are cleaned immediately and wiped off dry for later use. If any other ancillary serving item such as electric hand blender is damaged, it is reported to the concerned manager and replaced with a working one at the earliest.
When the guests complete their meals and leave the table, it is required to prepare the table immediately by clearing the used tableware. If any tableware is found broken or damaged, it is reported to the concerned store department and a request is made for its replacement. The table covers and runners are checked and replaced with fresh ones if need be.
The used tableware is handed over to the cleaning and washing staff. The linen is also handed over to the laundry department in the hotel. In case of other F&B Services businesses, the soiled linen can be stored separately and given away to contracted laundry service.

Point-of-Sale Equipment in F&B Service

Today, many restaurants use Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment, a computer-based technology to take orders, record them, accept payments, and display or print their receipts. Restaurant servers, bartenders, and cashiers can use POS systems to enter and record food and beverage orders easily.
Point-of-Sale Equipment
A POS system in the F&B Services can increase convenience and accuracy in order tracking, and can save time during rush hours. It can smoothly perform the following functions −
  • Calculating cash due for every order entered for a table.
  • Recording the method of payment.
  • Tracking balance cash.
  • Creating periodic sales reports.
  • Calculating labor and payroll data.
  • Recording daily check averages for each worker.
  • Tracking the number of balance and sold food items.
  • Recording information of repeat customers.


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