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Food and beverages form an integral part of the human culture. Ever since human culture started evolving, food and beverages preparation also went on finding new ways. Today, every country flaunts a different line of food and beverages prepared in authentic culinary ways.
Over the past several years, various food and beverages have been developed using local crops, meats, fruits, and vegetables, and trying different recipes with them. This manner of development contributed in the authenticity of the food and beverages to a great extent.

What is Menu?

It is a detailed list of food and beverage offerings with their respective prices. It is prepared by a food and beverage service businesses to keep the customers informed about the availability of various F&B items.
A good menu must −
  • Present clear, unambiguous information.
  • Adhere to food safety and nutrition policies of the business.
  • Meet or outstrip guests’ expectations.
  • Meet the quality standards of the business.
  • Be truthful in describing the taste and preparations.
  • Be strictly going with the production and service facilities of the business.

Restaurant Menu Preparation

The restaurant menu should be planned well by considering various aspects of the food outlet. There are myriad menus available right from breakfast, lunch, small bites, up to dinner. The following information is gathered before planning food and beverage menu for a commercial kitchen.
  • What kind of food outlet is it? (Vintage, Contemporary, Modern, Theme, Bar, and more)
  • What is the name of the outlet?
  • What is the expanse of food items, their accompaniments, and beverages the owner wishes to keep?
  • Which information needs elaboration for food and beverages?
  • What tone of language is required? (formal/informal)
  • What types of names and category headings would best suit for the food and beverage items?
  • What design, images, colors, and typeface would look best for the menu?
  • Are the graphic details relevant to the food outlet theme?
  • How large should the menu be on paper?
Menu Preparation
These days, numerous apps such as MenuPro, FineDine, MenuExpress, InnMenu, and more are readily available to create catchy and engaging menus. A good menu design is a treat for eyes that drive the guests to place orders.
Depending upon the expanse of physical outlet and service, and the variety of food and beverages it offers, the menu design and details change.

Menu Planning

This is the selection of menu in advance for an upcoming event. Menu planning plays an important role in customer satisfaction.
Menu planning is beneficial in the following areas −
  • Purchasing of essential material in advance.
  • Pricing of the food.
  • Guiding the food preparation.
  • Evaluating the dietary needs.
  • Evaluating the food in terms of necessary improvements.
The menu must be planned such that it goes well with the theme of the F&B outlet and it must be a good bargain for food price and dietary value.


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