Food and Beverage Services - Equipment

The equipment forms an inevitable part of food and beverage service. It plays an important role to build the mood of the guests, to complement the outlet theme, and to elevate guest experience. Right from the largest commodities used for food preparation and interior decoration such as chandeliers or ovens to the smallest piece of cutlery, furniture, or linen participate in creating overall ambience of the outlet.
Let us discuss in detail the equipment used in food and beverage services −

Furniture in F&B Services

Furniture is an important part of any F&B Services outlet. It needs to be strong, easy to use and clean. The furniture plays an important role in bringing the look and creating an ambience of the outlet. The furniture, fixtures, and fittings are fixed commodities.

Indoor Furniture

It mainly consists of tables, chairs, push-down chairs, racks, and lockers.

Outdoor Furniture

It needs to be sturdy as well as attractive. It includes coffee tables and chairs, bar chairs, dining sets, day beds, loungers, hammocks, and swings.

Fixtures and Fittings

fixture is any item bolted to the floor or walls. For example, air conditioners, electric plugs, sinks and toilets, art pieces, and television screens mounted on wall are fixtures.
fitting is any free standing item or an item that can be hung by a nail or hook. For example, paintings, mirrors, curtain rails, and lamps are fittings.

Tableware in F&B Services

Tableware consists of crockery, cutlery, glassware and linen used while serving and eating meals at a table. These are circulating equipment which can be grouped into the following types −


This is a collection of fine dishes, bowls, food platters, section dishes, ramekins, cups and saucers, soup spoons, vases, and ash trays made using a translucent ceramic material.


This consists of containers such as serving bowls, pots, kettles, ice jugs, and water. These containers are either made from glass or metals such as copper, brass, or stainless steel.


This consists of articles made of fine glass. Glassware includes jugs, pitchers, drinkware, ash trays, vases, and similar articles.


The objects in silverware are made of Electro Plated Nickel Silver (EPNS). These are made from an alloy of brass, zinc, stainless steel or nickel with silver plating of 10 to 15 microns. Silverware includes spoons, forks, knives, hollowware, drinkware, tongs, ice bucket, and a salver.

Chaffing Dishes (Chafers)

These are food warming dishes. They keep the food warm for an adequate time and temperature. They come in two variants: electric or chafer fuel candle.
Chaffing dishes are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and lids. Modern-day chafing dishes are made of light metal or ceramic with handles, sometimes covered with a see-through lid. Here are some chaffing dishes −


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