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Following are some FAQs regarding Scrum -
Question: What is the difference between Scrum and Agile Development?
Answer : Agile Development is a software methodology, whereas Scrum is one of process frameworks that follows Agile.
Question: Are Sprints and Iterations the same?
Answer : Both Sprints of Scrum and Iterations of Iterative Incremental model deliver working product increments. However, these differ in that:
  • Lifecycles of Sprint and Iteration are different.
  • Sprints are time-boxed, while Iterations are not.
  • Duration of Sprints is much less compared to durations of Iterations.
Question: Is Scrum Master a job title or a role that someone with an existing job title fills?
Answer : Scrum Master is a role that someone with a job title fills. Normal practice is that the person playing the role of project manager plays the ScrumMaster’s role as well.
Question: Can Product Owner and ScrumMaster’s roles be played by the same person?
Answer : No, since the ownership differs. Product Owner takes care of the Product Backlog, Prioritization of User Stories, and Validation of the working product increment with the user stories allocated to the Sprint.
Question: Is it that Scrum Projects need not have any Documentation?
Answer : No. Scrum Projects, like any other Projects require documentation such as user stories, design, test cases, etc.


Agile and Scrum are not the same. Scrum is one of the process frameworks adapting Agile. Scrum is advised to teams with experienced team members as the Framework requires great collaboration and self-organization as well. If the Scrum rules are not followed strictly, a project can lead to failure. Hence, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of Scrum concepts among the entire team. Since the Sprints are of short durations and are time-boxed, there is no time to learn the Scrum specifics on the job, even when a Scrum Master continuously monitors the project.


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