Scrum - ScrumMaster

ScrumMaster is a trained responsible person, who renders services as described below -

ScrumMaster Services to the Product Owner

The ScrumMaster serves the Product Owner in several ways, including -
  • Finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management.
  • Helping the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items.
  • Understanding product planning in an empirical environment.
  • Ensuring that the Product Owner knows how to arrange the Product Backlog to maximize value.
  • Understanding and practicing agility.
  • Facilitating Scrum events as needed.

ScrumMaster Services to the Scrum Team

The ScrumMaster serves the Scrum Team in several ways, including -
  • Coaching the Scrum Team in self-organization and cross-functionality.
  • Helping the Scrum Team to create high-value products.
  • Removing impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress.
  • Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed.
  • Coaching the Scrum Team in organizational environments in which Scrum is not yet fully adopted and understood.

ScrumMaster Services to the Organization

The ScrumMaster serves the organization in several ways, including-
  • Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption.
  • Planning Scrum implementations within the organization.
  • Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development.
  • Causing change that increases the productivity of the Scrum Team.
  • Working with other ScrumMasters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization.


Scrum is a process framework that defines certain rules, events, and roles to bring in regularity. However, it can be adapted to any organization, based on needs, provided the basic scrum rules are not violated.


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