Are Hotel Workers Treated Equally?

Tell me what you think?
Tell me what you think?

You would have thought that Discrimination between Men and Women in Hotels would be a thing of the distant past - but it would appear that we are not quite there - as many Female Hotel Workers report that they still do not feel they are treated the same as their Male counterparts.

So what can be done in Hotels to stop this gender in-equality and stereotyping in the workplace?
Create a strict Hotel policy against sexual harassment Sexual harassment strictly should not be tolerated and clear guidelines must be put in place to ensure staff understand what this involves. Make it easy for employees to report any instances of harassment.
Equal pay and opportunitiesEqual work, should mean equal pay. Establish a policy that ensures that both female and male staff are paid equally for the same work and that they are given the same opportunities in terms of recruitment and promotion.
Provide training for managersProvide training to managers about how to deal with gender equality in the workplace. You should educate them on how to identify and handle any form of discrimination taking place in the Hotel and how to prevent it from happening in the future.
Celebrate success Acknowledge the success of hotel employees - it’s good to show appreciation for the hard work that is put in from your staff regardless of their position in the Hotel, gender, race, disability, age, department etc....
Familiarize yourself with anti-discrimination laws As a Hotel Manager, you should have a thorough understanding of your Country's laws in place to prevent discrimination within your Hotel. By doing so, you will be in a better position to administer them.
Assign roles based on ability, not gender It’s a common perception that women are better suited to certain roles in the Hotel, perhaps Front Office, whereas men will excel in other positions. However I think these stereotypes form the basis of gender discrimination in a Hotel.
In 2017, there is still a significant pay gap between Men and Women, with Women in full-time work earning less than men in the same roles, despite them having the same experience and qualifications.
Men and women work side by side in Hotels, often tackling the same business issues, sitting through the same meetings and walking the same Department corridors but the common ground might just end there?
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